60 East Jefryn Blvd.
Deer Park, NY 11729

Haunted Tales & Trails at Old Bethpage Restoration Village Created by Decco by Party Up Productions

Old Bethpage Village Restoration provides visitors with a unique and wonderful opportunity to step back in time and experience life in a recreated mid-19th-century American village set on more than 200 acres.

Every October an evil takes over Old Bethpage Restoration Village transforming the 200 year old homes into haunted dwellings. The 6-Night Haunted Tales Halloween event created by Decco by Party Up Productions in association with Nassua County featured 10 terrifying attractions: 2 Haunted Houses, 7 Haunted Tales, Fire Juggling, and The World Famous Coney Island Circus Side Show for performances.

With each passing year Haunted Tales & Trails gets better. From creating the haunted experiences to hiring the actors, Decco is always thrilled to be apart of this public event.

– Jason Bencivenga

The Schenck Barn, Searing House, Bach Blacksmith, and Lawrence House, were all transformed by the Decco Team. Schenck Barn was turned into a Slaughter House of Hell. Searing House was home to the Mad Doctor who collected human parts. Bach Blacksmith was the work place of the Tormented Blacksmith who collected the bodies for the Mad Doctor. The final scare was in the Lawrence House with five themed scare rooms and a haunted maze.