60 East Jefryn Blvd.
Deer Park, NY 11729

Decco by Party Up Productions Lights Up Battello in NJ for jet.com

Across the Hudson River in NJ overlooking the Freedom Tower in the Manhattan Financial District is located Battello, comprised of some of the most talented restaurant professionals in New Jersey. Battello accommodated the corporate gathering for Jet.com with Decco by Party Up Productions providing the entertainment and lighting.

Our expertise in Entertainment and LED Uplighting was the perfect match for jet.com’s corporate event at Battello. The event was met with high praise from all patrons.

– Pete Loeser

With a private entrance on a private wharf, and three separate rooms, Battello was the perfect location to host the jet.com corporate gathering. LED Uplighting set to the signature jet.com lavender lit up the main driveway carving a path to the main entrance. Guests were greeted by the jet.com custom GoBo light spilling across the wooden floor, and a myriad of even more LED uplighting striking every column, staircase, and corner of Battello beautiful event space.

Dance music could be heard in all rooms produced by Decco’s sound equipment which kept patrons entertained and dancing the whole night. In addition to the music, guests were entertained by two Skee-Ball Arcades for friendly competition.