60 East Jefryn Blvd.
Deer Park, NY 11729

Decco by Party Up Productions Custom Built iPad Table for TrueX

Enter the Bee Room overlooking a green park in NYC’s Lower East Side and you will be greeted by a 8’x4′ Custom Built iPad Table. The sunshine entering the room glistened across the CNC Milled logo and (6) 12″ iPad Pros creating a warm comfortable workspace for TrueX at MEET on Chrystie. The iPad Table stood out amongst the couches and assorted soft seating.

This table is a prime example of what Decco by Party Up Productions can create for corporate pop up offices. It was a joint collaboration between MEET on Chrystie, ShapeStreet, and Decco to create this wonderful piece.

Matt Toca

Taking (2) days to create, the custom built rustic farm style branded iPad table was CNC milled from one solid maple wood slab to fit (6) 12″ iPad Pros and tote the TrueX logo.